Update on the last episode and some other stuff

Well if you caught Collin’s comment on facebook, he’s about 50% done with the last episode. It’s been 5 years in the making and trust me he wants it to be spectacular. While a good thing cannot be rushed, he’s putting it together as fast as he can.

In other news, Collin and I sat down and finalized the outline for the Secret Ninja Project. Preliminary work is starting to come together, so look for some announcements soon on what we’re crafting.

We finally got a site up for DarkFire Productions and have been in meetings with a number of authors talking about creating digital versions of their books. We”ll keep you posted on what shakes out.

Our DarkFire partner Nick is ramping up for the first release of his new online magazine about the publishing industry and all things related therein. There will some good stuff in there about the new iPad, new royalty rates from Amazon to indie authors, and much more. We’ll be sure to post that here when it comes out for your consumption.

Nick, Collin, and I are presenting at the April meeting of CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association). They asked us last minute to host a roundtable discussion at their meeting last month. It started as a few people around one table, then grew to tons of people packed around three different tables with each of us talking about social media, blogs, and eBooks. Apparently we were such a hit that they asked us to present in April on those very topics. Once our presentation is all polished up, we’ll post it over on DarkFire so you can check it out.

That’s about it kids. Check facebook and twitter for more updates and news.

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