updates on 40, The Dreamer's Thread, short story anthology…

So 40 is being honed as I type. Collin is wrapping up the story, crossing his I’s and dotting his T’s…or something like that. We’ll both be off at the end of the week so I can put the thumb screws to him and hopefully have this out too y’all very soon.

Our wonderfully talented friend and fellow author (who has a very alluring reading voice I might add) Starla Huchton just added her tale The Dreamer’s Thread to Podiobooks.com. If you haven’t started listening to the story from her feed, head over and grab it from Podiobooks.com. She is crazy talented, the book has a serious who’s-who cast of the podcast universe, and it is a wicked good story to boot.

Remember way back when, we asked all of our fans to drop us their short stories? Well, since we are close to the end of The House of Grey, I am piecing together all of the tales we will be featuring. This will be a side project from Collin’s normal writing and will feature a number of our fans that have put their own fantastic yarns down on paper. We’re working with another local artist for the music, but you can get a preview of her work by heading over to her site.

That’s it for now. Have a great Turkey Day!

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