real jobs=FAIL

Seriously, who thought up this real job thing anyway? Can’t we all just be independently wealthy? I guess if that happened, who would shovel the snow off the sidewalk, right?

So here’s the deal…this thing called a real job kicked into high gear this last 3 weeks or so. Prior to that Collin was playing ManTracker finding him a real job. I tried to convince him that real jobs were no fun, but he wasn’t having any of it. But enough with the excuses already!!! I just sent Collin the edited chapters (notice that chapters was plural…). That means, he will clean them up tomorrow, I will lay them down tomorrow afternoon, and if Saturn is aligned in the house of Capricorn, then you will have the second to last episode by sometime Thursday or Friday. It’s a scary one, so it seems a little serendipitous that Halloween is at the end of the week too.

And in further news, Collin is frantically scraping the bottom of the magical storytelling barrel to get all those yums yums of awesomeness into the last episode of The House of Grey…at least the last one of the first book. So we are working as hard as we can. We’re supposed to get like a foot of snow here in Denver over the next 2 days, so maybe Collin will be snowed in and he can forgo that real job nonsense and finish up early. Hey, it could happen!

Hang in there…

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