Updates on 38, Dragon*Con, The Dreamer's Thread and more….

Episode 38 is well on its way to going live. Collin and I ran through the chapter and he is adding some content that will make 38 absolutely killer!!! Hang in there, it’s coming!

Check out out pics from Dragon*Con 09 over at the forum. Crazy costumes, 2 weird guys that look vaguely familiar, and so much more.  While we didn’t come home with the Parsec Award, we met some wonderful podcasters, propagandized The House of Grey, and made some fantabulous connections with folks who can push the book. In short, the weekend was made of awesome!

AND… we have to give a HUGEapology to our fangirl Starla Huchton for us being such giant slackers and not promoting her book sooner.  Starla’s debut book, The Dreamer’s Thread, is up to its 4th episode. Having some  *ahem* personal experience with the book, it too is made of awesome! Be sure to grab the feed here, and catch the promo down below. Let’s show a sister some love and get the word out!!!

And we switched out the poll. Cyann creamed Taris and the monks. This poll is more of a pool…but since the book is free, it’s not like you win much if you guess right. The question is, who will be dead by the end of book one? You can select multiple answers, so have fun and we’ll see who is right in 3 more episodes! [poll id=”8″]

One last thing…very soon you will be seeing some more promotional stuff coming out for The House of Grey, Tournament of Blades, and some other stuff we have simmering away. Oh just wait and see…incidentally…it will also be made of awesome!


The Dreamer’s Thread Promo: 

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4 Responses to “Updates on 38, Dragon*Con, The Dreamer's Thread and more….”

  1. Dan says:

    I got it, “Bob the Cat” wakes up having dreamed HoG — if the dreamer kicks the bucket what happens to the dream?

  2. Collin Earl says:

    wouldn’t that mean that the dream would die as well?

  3. Thanks for plugging me guys! Half the reason TDT is awesome at all is cuz Chris voices my favorite character in the whole darn story! I am indeed a Snelgrove fangirl. For a darn good reason too. He is made of teh ossum. 😛

  4. Aric says:

    You guys sure are making me antsy to get started on mine! Still writing and loving every minute of it. It’s almost as inspiring as Nanowrimo… uh oh… that’s only in November, will I have any plots left to write nano this year…

    One will have to see I guess…


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