The House of Grey- Parsec Award Finalist

Yep…it’s official. The House of Grey is up for the Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team award.  If fact, many of our fellow authors made the short list.  So Collin and I will be visiting the greater Atlanta area over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con. If any of our fans hail from there, give us a shout out and we can hang out. Super big huge thanks to everyone that has supported The House of Grey. Without you folks, we’d look pretty weird standing in a closet reading a book to no one.

Collin hits the Bar Exam on Tuesday. Send good vibes. After he regains consciousnesses, the last four episodes of The House of Grey will drop in rapid succession, so get ready. It will be both intense and sad. Intense that the flood gates of answers will unleash their retained waters and sad that the book will be finished :'( .  Oh but don’t worry my friends, we have lots more to come. Tournament of Blades, a few other Modern Fantasy Thrillers, the short story contest, and so much more.

On a final note, by the time most of you read this, HoG will have surpassed all of last month’s downloads. We’re talking over 13,000 just in July. Again, we can’t say thank you enough. I think we’ll have to start learning other languages just so it doesn’t sound so redundant! Let’s see…. Gracias, merci, arigato….

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