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Answer: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Israel, Norway, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Ireland, Luxembourg, Tanzania, Japan, somewhere in the Offices of the EU, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Angola, Morocco, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Serbia, Montenegro, France, Egypt, Finland, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Argentina, Algeria, Oman, Italy, Belgium, Nigeria, Philippines, Zambia, and Lithuania.

Question: Where are the fans of The House of Grey located that have visited the site in the last 48 hours?

Pretty neat huh? I gotta be honest, there were a few of those places that I had to wiki cuz I had no idea where they were. So much for that world geography class in high school….maybe if I hadn’t slept through it…. All I can say is Collin and I are thrilled that the book has reached out to so many people across the world.  He and I have been playing with the idea of translating the book and podcast into other languages. If you know anyone that could do that, drop us a line. And while you’re looking for translators, be sure to mention how much you love The House of Grey.

Episode 36…. see here’s the thing. Y’all are at the good part of the story. Not that the parts before now aren’t good, but let’s be honest… this is what everyone’s been waiting for. So, Collin has been honing 36 to be intense. He and I have polished it up nice and shiny, and it should be ready for your consumption very, VERY soon.

And since we are on the topic of the book, be sure to add your 5 star review to iTunes and Podiobooks.com.  If you have already done that, here are another few places where you can give The House of Grey a gold star….so to speak.

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