100,000 DOWNLOADS!!!! iTunes, and updates on Episode 36

That’s right girls and boys! The House of Grey just hit 100K!! While this is small compared to some and large compared to others, Collin and I are pleased as punch at how our fans have made this book so successful. Check back for how Collin and I are going to show our appreciation for our great fans.  And our fans are answering the call. Just check out some of the reviews we have recently received on iTunes.

  • “I absolutely love this story!”  “I love this book.”
  • “Wow…what a great story”  “I am hooked”  “This book is amazing!”
  • “Seriously awesome”  “Very entertaining!”

And that’s just a few lines from the 69 people that rated The House of Grey at 5 stars. Are you one of them? If not, head on over to iTunes, give us 5 stars, and leave a review telling everyone else how much you love The House of Grey.

In the same vein, we’ve climbed up the charts over at Podiobooks.com floating at times all the way up to number 5. There are some pretty incredible books on that chart and Collin and I are stoked that we can share that list with some great authors. Be sure after you have rated us on iTunes to head over to The House of Grey page on Podiobooks.com and lock in those 5 star ratings in all 4 categories.

Finally, Collin has his last Bar Preparation class tomorrow. Then the actual Bar Exam later this month. Episode 36 needed a few more pages than we originally thought so Collin will be tightening those up tonight. Barring (no pun intended) any craziness, 36 should drop in mere days.

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One Response to “100,000 DOWNLOADS!!!! iTunes, and updates on Episode 36”

  1. Uncle Velvet says:

    Fantastic News! Well deserved. Now, Collin, get this BAR thing done with so you can get back to serving your adoring fans. We want more! – Uncle Velvet

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