Top 5, Parsec Awards, episode 35

So the results are in. We took the emails, the comments, the replies, and the posts and these top 5 shook out.  So kick back and enjoy a walk down memory lane.

Speaking of the Parsec Awards, I sent off the nostalgic compilation to the committee. What can you do now? Well, send out good waves of karma, think good thoughts, if you happen to stumble upon a steering committee member or final judge send them cookies… ya know, the usual

As for episode 35, well the Parsec Award thing ate into my production time more than I expected (I mean how doyou come up with just 1 hour of good stuff from The House of Grey), so I have the corrections from Collin and it should drop tomorrow.  Now, just as an FYI, Evo (co-founder of is on vacation this week and while he committed to getting episodes out, the guy deserves a huge break so it might not hit iTunes and Zune until a little later.

With that, enjoy!

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