The House of Grey Nominated for the Parsec Awards

That’s right, the modern fantasy thriller you have all come to love is in the running for the Parsec Awards. We’ve actually been nominated for quite a lot of categories including:

  • Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel Form)
  • Best Audio Drama (Long Form including Independents)
  • Best Writing-related Podcast AND
  • Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team

Collin and I are thrilled about the nomination and need your help!!!! We need to submit to the Parsec Awards Steering Committee a sample of the 6 best scenes from The House of Grey. The scenes can be chosen from anywhere in between the “Prologue” (Episode 1) and Sage & Paparazzi (Episode 31). So here is what we need from you… think about your absolute favorite scene (or scenes) from the book. What scene has just made the book for you thus far? What scene had you rolling on the floor, holding your breath, covering your mouth in surprise, or shedding a tear (laughter or otherwise)? Once you’ve picked it, comment on this post with what it was (try to include the episode number, but if you can’t just describe it as best you can)

The submission to the Parsec Awards needs to be in by June 28th so you need to get your comments in by June 25th so I have time to compile the sample! Once I do, I’ll post it so everyone can enjoy.

SPREAD THE WORD. Tell everyone you know that listens to the book to come and tell us about their favorite scene. If they don’t listen to the book yet, put it on their iPod, burn them CD’s, drive them to work and play it for them in your car, share your earbud with the person sitting next to you…then have them tell us what their favorite scene is.

I also created a new thread in the Forum for the nominations so you can post it there. Collin, Hilary, and I will also be talking this up in our town hall on Monday, 6/22.

Come to the Forum, Sign up and comment!!!

Wish us luck!!!

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