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My name is Hilary and I am part of The House of Grey team. You may have heard Collin and Chris mention my classroom on the blog a few times or even replied to some of my posts in the forum.

Just to fill you in on who I am, in case you haven’t read much of the blog or are new to HoG, I am a high school English teacher in Las Vegas, NV and a freelance editor. This past school year I used HoG in my junior English III class instead of the traditional novel and the students, for the most part, really seemed to like it! It’s a new approach to teaching fiction which will hopefully catch on. Collin and Chris even came out to visit the class. The students really enjoyed that as well.

I love to read, but due to the hectic schedule of teaching high school literature I found that I had no time to enjoy a good book. I came across HoG on the Zune website and fell in love with the story. Shortly after I logged on to the forum and started talking to Collin and the rest, as they say, is history.


I just got off the phone with “the author” and “the voice,” as I like to call them, and we have decided that we should do a weekly scheduled town hall in the chatroom where you can come and talk with us and other fans about anything including: story, plot, theories, characters, writing, podcasting, publishing, and anything else you may want to discuss.

So please, come and join Collin, Chris, and me in the chatroom on Monday night, June 22 from 7pm-8pm (PST); 8pm-9pm (MTN); 9pm-10pm (CST); 10pm-11pm (EST)

Remember, in order to use the chatroom, you must register/log-in to the forum.

I look forward to talking with you!



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2 Responses to “Come Chat With Us!”

  1. Uncle Velvet says:

    I plan on being there. The timing is good.
    -Uncle Velvet

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