Updates…ya that was original

Episode 33…on its way to being finalized. Should be on schedule for later this week (mid week if all goes well… but since I am here in Cincinnati and my luggage is somewhere in Chicago… who knows what the week holds)

Strange Condition– Playing at Herman’s Hideaway June 6th and the Westword Music Showcase (great show every year) on June 13th

80,000 downloads- that’s right, The House of Grey went all Octogenarian!!! Seriously though… we say it all the time and will never stop saying it… you are the folks that made this happen. Keep spreading the word, cuz if my calculations are correct… we’ll hit the BIG 100K before the last episode… then we’ll have to do something special… I’ll set my minions to the task of coming up with something



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13 Responses to “Updates…ya that was original”

  1. Uncle Velvet says:

    SnelGroove! Are you saying that there have been 80,000 downloads of HoG? That’s outragious! Congrats. One question though, where are all the people on the forum? Maybe you outta promote the website more on the podcast? I’d love to see more banter from the fans out there… Or maybe I scared them all away? -Uncle V

    • Collin Earl says:

      yeah maybe our fans just don’t love us anymore? That could be it. I wonder how long it will take before people start asking on the forum and blog about the episode. lol, that would be evil would it not?

  2. Dan says:

    Shift in emphasis shifting audience?

  3. Collin Earl says:

    Who knows? The emphasis is always ranging back and forth though. It never stays on one thing for very long. LOL, maybe i’m losing my touch…or maybe I never had it and it just took people this long to figure it out:)

  4. Dan says:

    It’s been a long swing and you’ll notice that your Monk count isn’t going up but I’m reserving my judgment & probably forum writing till book 3.

    • Collin Earl says:

      Lol, dan you kill me. You could be reserving your judgement for a while than. Umm…while the over all goal of book two might not be up your alley I think the incidentals will really make your heart kick up a beat. Monson’s focus is narrow, but the scope of the story should expand dramatically.

  5. Dan says:

    Uncle Velvet is right, you need more Forum links so that the audience who now have something to say can find it. Perhaps in all your banners, not just on the home page. By the way, I am looking forwards to learning about Uncle Velvet in book 2.

    • Collin Earl says:

      I’m not really sure what its going to take to encourage the participation but hopefully things will pick up as new fans come in and old fans reinvest. The banner idea isn’t a bad one. maybe I will talk to crazy, we if can ever get him home from work. The uncle v. of Tournament of Blades is going to be great. He is the owner of the Velvet Rope the coolest jazz club in town. Now how sweet is that?

  6. Dan says:

    Watch out Collin, Chris is showing artistic temperament AND writing his own lines!

  7. Uncle Velvett says:

    hmmmmm. The Velvet Rope. Earl! You have a way about you. I really dig it. I mean, you make me want to drop everything and go find some warehouse space in Brooklyn.

  8. Dan says:

    Chris, I got some ideas….

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