Interview with the stars…

Well I guess that’s if you consider Collin, Arlene Radasky  (author of The Fox), Chris Miller (co-founder of, and myself stars. The four of us have been invited to discuss podcasting and how is can change the face of education with the hosts of Most of our fans know our deep involvement with Ms. Hilary’s class as they are listening to the podcast of the novel for their English III class. Well, we wanted to share how podcast novels, like The House of Grey, can change the way educations happens in our schools.

So come listen to us babble on over at BlogTalkRadio tomorrow at 2pm PDT.

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4 Responses to “Interview with the stars…”

  1. Dan says:

    Typical, now that you are making the Talk Show circuit you are no longer producing 😉 Of course, I’m eager to hear the interview and after all if it takes you longer to get out episodes maybe that means there will be less of a gap till the story picks up with the third book 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    I’m half way through the interview and there is some good stuff there. What you are doing with education is cool and hearing your plans for the future.

    Watch out though for those bulk duplicators, we have one at work that is one of the sturdier ones but it can get have problems — you can come back and find it stuck early on, or there are CDs all over the place or find out that they weren’t recorded well.

    Hearing about Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic was nostalgic as I got to use them 40+ years ago as one of the first Dyslexic (and etc.) non Blind kids and they made a huge difference to me turning me into a reader as you describe you podcast doing with some of the kids in the class. It is great to hear that they are still around.

    Now what can you possibly have left to cover in the second hour?

    • Collin Earl says:

      Yeah its been a lot of fun working with the kids and if anything else assuming that the book goes nowhere else. We’ve enjoyed this little project. I remember you telling something about your dysleixa in an email. I didn’t know that you were one of the first. That is pretty epic if you think about it. Maybe they should have interviewed you.

      The second half the interview gets on to seralization a bit and podiobooks in general. I’m not really even sure how we got on to that topic but whatever. It was still fun.

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