Ms. Hilary's Class, Round 2

Collin and I just finished 2 days of meeting with Ms. Hilary’s Class at Valley High School. The kids created final projects all about advertising for The House of Grey book.  We saw movie posters, T-Shirt designs, whole HoG clothing lines, graphic novel concepts, and so much more. It was incredible! We took lots of pics and even have some video of the visit so once I get it all cleaned up I’ll throw it up in the Gallery over in the Forum.

The discussion about the book went so well with her first period class, that Ms. Hilary asked us to stay for the rest of the day as guest lecturers.  We spoke to the other classes about social media, the new changes in the publishing industry, creative writing, the importance of learning good writing skills, and lots of other stuff. Who’da thunk that Collin and I could keep the attention of high schoolers.

A big THANKS goes out to Ms. Hilary and all her classes for letting us come and share our ideas with them. It was an amazing oppotunity for us and we can’t wait to come back!!

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