Free stuff is better!!! Coldplay said so…

From day one, Collin and I have been saying that giving stuff away for free is the new way to do things. Get the content to the masses and let them eat cake… or in this case consume great audio. Well, the world renown band Coldplay agrees with us. Right now you can get their new live album… FREE. No iTunes gimmicks, no paid subscription, no strings attached… just plain free.

So when I have been talking to people about the book (and I talk to everyone about the book….do you?), most of them have the same question, “Why do you give it away for free?” They just don’t understand like our fans do.

Just in case you have been sleeping through our rants and raves, WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE AWAY OUR CONTENT FOR FREE!!!

  • Will we have other stuff that you can purchase? Absolutely.
  • Will the free stuff be of a lesser quality or a cheap imitation? No way Jose.  It will always be great content for anyone who is willing to give it a listen.
  • Will you ever put DRM (DRM=file sharing restrictions) on your free content? NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO. Download our stuff and share it!!! Share it with your mom, your friend, your ex-girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, your barber, your pedicurist, your dog groomer, your water meter reading guy, your ________(fill in an acquaintance here)….. ok I’ll step down from my little soapbox.

So to get your FREE copy of Coldplay‘s new live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, click here. Enjoy!!!

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