New Love Poll, Update on Christiana Ellis, little men on my front lawn….

Now when I said love poll, I didn’t mean the kind that makes you insert a quarter to see where you rank. Nope, this love poll is around our hero, Monson Grey. Just for fun, Collin wanted to see how mad everyone would be if Monson became a monk and moved to the Himalayas. So check out the new poll and let us know your thoughts.

We mentioned our fellow Podiobook author Christiana Ellis a few days ago. Well, she up’d the ante on her print release of Nina Kimberly the Merciless by offering the FULL NOVEL FOR FREE. This is what we’ve been saying since the beginning. Get the content to the masses any way you can. You can download the entire novel for free just by clicking here. So grab the swag while it’s free and be sure to check out her printed version over at Dragon Moon Press.

So ALY, one of our first and most enthusiastic fans, has decided to resort to subterfuge and Al Capone style arm-twisting in regards to episode 32’s release.  Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own with Collin, but when the threat of attacking little men is laid at your doorstep… well let’s just say I need that arm to finish producing this cast. So again… 32 will be here shortly, and maybe, JUST maybe I can slip in a bootleg of the first half without Collin noticing. If I was you, I’d check back here early and often…

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