The House of Grey Quiz 4 Ms. Hilary Style!

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Quiz 5

Episodes 25-27

1. On their way to meet Chris Baroty, Arthurious, Casey, and Monson see which character being harassed by the MIB? ( 1 point)

2. How does Casey deal with the situation mentioned above? (1 point)

3. What new move does Casey use? (1 point)

4. What does the “CIA” stand for and what do they do? (2 points)

5. Why did Christopher Baroty want to meet Monson at such a strange time of night; knowing it was after curfew? (2 points)

6. What is the reason behind the meeting Christopher Baroty and Monson’s late night meeting? (2 points)

7. Who showed up during the meeting unexpectedly and why? (2 points)

8. We find out that Molly knew Monson before the accident on the bridge. Explain how she knows him. (1 point)

9. Do you trust Molly? Why or why not? (3 points)

10. During his vacation time, Monson has reoccurring dreams about a “massive mountain pathway.” What do you think that dream was about? (2 points)

11. When Monson finds out that he must attend the Spring Solstice, he needs a date. Why did Casey pick the girl for Monson to ask to the dance? Be specific. (3 points)

12. Which girl did Casey choose for Monson to ask to the dance? Did she accept? (1 point)

13. In the middle of the night, Monson wakes up and heads toward the bathroom, who does he see in the mirror and what happened? (2 points)

14. Who is Yari? Be specific. (3 points)

15. Who is Gi? Be specific. (3 points)

16. Gi mentions that Monson has met him before, where did that take place? (1 point)

17. What is the “magi blade?” (2 points)

18. The story states that once Monson understands, “…only then will the markings be released.” What do you think that mean? (3 points)

19. In episode 27, we learn that the “blades are the mark of” what? (2 points)

20. Who is Dawn? (2 points)

21. Where is the line between dream and reality when it came to the night that Monson met Gi, Yari, and Dawn, to the time he woke up? (3 points)

22. What happened when Monson was late for his date with Taris? (1 point)

23. What took place in the atrium at the fountain? (1 point)

24. Who was suspected of causing the “problem” in the atrium at the fountain and why? (2 points)

25. While heading to Grayson’s dorm, Monson runs into Ms. Blake. He learns that she wears contact lenses; do you think they are a necessity or a cover-up for something else? Explain your answer. (3 points)

26. Why is Grayson in the wheelchair? (1 point)

27. What was the best day of Grayson’s life and why? (2 points)

28. Give at least 3 specific examples of items in Grayson’s dorm room and explain their importance. (6 points)

Item 1__________________________ Reason__________________________________

Item 2 __________________________ Reason__________________________________

Item 3___________________________ Reason_________________________________

29. Who or what is Grayson searching for and who does he think Monson is or is at least a link to? (2 points)

30. What are the names of the two MIBs and explain why Casey makes fun of one of their names. (5 extra credit points!)

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