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I was rifling through a bunch of stuff late last week and came across a to-do that had seen better days. I wiped off the Diet Pepsi and Cheetos residue and saw that way back when, Collin asked me to integrate a shoutbox into the blog (Drop us a line over there to the right) and a chat function into the forum. Well item one was crossed off, item two was… well, Cheeto’d. So I dinked around and long story short, you can now chat with anyone logged into the forum. Saves you from that whole PM’ing back and forth when you’re both on. To login, click on the Chat link on the Navigation toolbar and signin.  Once Collin and I get things settled this summer, we’ll start hosting some Town Halls… and they will be way more interesting than Obama’s!

Another thing you can do while you’re discussing the finer points of the book in the  forum, is add your questions to the end of book Q&A thread. There some good ones already posted there so take a peek and then jot down the burning interrogatories that you want answered.

I’m not sure if it was the combined stress of his Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Secured Transactions finals or the fact that he was hallucinating due to the effects of sleep deprivation, but Collin came up with a few short story ideas that he wanted to pitch to y’all.  I put a poll up to see which one wins.  Now he wouldn’t fork over any details (something about getting manhandled in Call of Duty: World at War when I was talking to him) so you’ll have to use your imagination on what they would be about, but the titles are pretty descriptive.  Anyway, enjoy!


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