70,000 downloads, Strange Condition, Podiobooks 2.0, updates

That’s right, just 1 short month later and we are past 70,000 downloads. In fact, April has surpassed March with the most downloads in a month!  It is seriously mind boggling for Collin and I to think about 10k downloads in one month. And it’s all because of our incredible fans! Make sure to tell your friends, family, and everyone else about The House of Grey.

Strange Condition continues to make headway with their music. Here are 2 articles from Denver magazines about the band- Colorado Music Buzz & WestWord.  Local fans can see them tonight at Boulder’s Famous Fox Theatre. Very exciting stuff!

Many of you have asked about the print version or even the traditional audiobook version of The House of Grey.  Well as soon as Collin gets his butt grad-u-ma-ta-ted, I pretty much have him booked all summer long toiling away in a dark and musty basement making those versions available for Summer 2009. And Podiobooks.com is in the works of changing their format to accommodate all of our versions. Wanna hear the updates straight from the horses mouth? Check out the interview Chris Miller (co-founder of Podiobooks.com) gave over at PodioRacket.com

Speaking of Collin, he’s almost (finally) done with school. We are working on Episode 32 at a frenzied pace and really appreciate the support (and patience) you guys have shown us.  Tournament of Blades will be on a more regular schedule I promise. Besides, nothing like a few extra days to contemplate the grand finale ending in 8 episodes.

Lastely, I added a GET YOUR FIX page to the blog with feeds, follows, & facebook info all in one spot. Enjoy!


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