In The Service of our fellow men (Shawn Mayer)

I have some pictures that I will load up soon. I will let you know. 

I had a crazy day yesterday. First let me tell you I have finals in a week, a bar application due in two, and then graduation and studying for the bar exam. This is on top of trying to get you guys your content. I have to get you guys your content; wouldn’t want you to forget about me!! Anyways, when people get busy they can become pretty self-absorbed. It’s something that I feel is very human. I’m no exception. So what we did yesterday was great. Some good friends of mine at the law school put a WHOLE lot of work into a benefit concert for the Veterans’ Center here in town. This was something that hit home for me as I’ve got friends in the service and even considered putting in. Anyways, these friends organized the event, including a 3 mile run, a silent auction, and a concert where they had several up and coming country music bands play. It was a great opportunity to help serve those men and women that keep our country safe. I felt a little refreshed in a way. I’m way behind in my studying with a paper and presentation due today, but then again I’m ready to get back to it and I feel a little lighter inside. So I’m offering a challenge to everyone. Do a good deed and pay it forward. You will feel better, I know you will. That being said I left my glasses in one of the rooms. Now I can’t see a damn thing! 🙂


Shawn Mayer is actually a friend of mine who is doing her thing in Nashville. She’s a great singer and wonderful performer. Check out her MySpace page and you can also follow her on Twitter.

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