House Of Grey Quiz 3 Ms. Hilary style! The Podcast in the Classroom Project

Take the Podcast in the Classroom Project Quiz. This is the quiz that Ms. Hilary used for her students this morning!! Let’s see how you do!!!


The House of Grey                                                  Name_______________________Per_____

Quiz #3

Episodes 18-24


1. The “Artificial Inland Project” or “AIP” was the brainchild of which character?


2. How do you think Derek Dayton got his hands on the exclusive footage of what happened on Baroty Bridge? Why didn’t the media have a copy?



3. Who are the “Men in Black” aka “MIB?” What is their purpose for being on Coren’s campus?



4. What happened to Damion “The Diamond” Peterson? Who do you think is responsible and why?



5. When Monson is by himself and sees his “clone” during his fencing practice, his clone says, “You really should be more aware of your surroundings.” What do you think that means?



6. Monson is told by his “clone” that he is “the son of the Great Betrayer.” What do you think that means and who do you think “the Great Betrayer” is? Explain your reason.



7. Which character always seems to be around after each of Monson’s “episodes” and why?



8. Why does Monson think he is a dangerous person?



9. After Monson’s episode with his clone, he has a conversation with Brian who states, “There is great power in understanding and understanding only comes from truth. Therefore, we must seek truth.” What relevance does that statement have to the story?



10. What joke did Monson play on Casey, Arthurious, Molly, and Brian?



11. In episode 22, Monson sends a text message to Cyann saying that it would be best if they were not friends. What prompted him to do that?



12. What item does Monson lose in episode 23?



13. When he finds the lost item in Ms. Blake’s empty classroom, he hears voices in the hall and hides under the desk; whose voices were they?



14. Who do you think the man with the deep voice is?



15. Ms. Blake is looking for something specific in her classroom, what do you think it is? She mentions that she keeps parts of it in various places. What could be so special that it needs to be kept like that?



16. After Taris finds Monson in Ms. Blake’s classroom, she begins to really flirt with him and he doesn’t respond to her flirting as she expected he would and says, “Who wouldn’t want a hot little piece like me?” Is Taris as shallow as she seems or is there more to her than meets the eye? Explain your answer.



17. What is the “Spring Solstice?”



18. What is the “Repeater’s Project?”



20. Who is they mystery man that shows up at Coren and what is his purpose for being there?



21. What is the “Baroty Conglomerate Rejuvenation Project?” Explain what they plan to do.



22. Why do you think Christopher Baroty so interested in Casey, Arthurious, and Indigo’s family histories?



23. Why does Monson think that Christopher Baroty is there to see him?



24. What is the one question that Monson asks Christopher Baroty? What was Baroty’s reply and what would your guess be in response to Monson’s question?



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  1. SQ says:

    I don’t know about you..but I aced this one…totally!

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