The House of Grey Quiz Two Ms. Hilary Style!!! New Board on the Forum. FAN ART

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a brand spanking new board on the forum. It’s a fan art board and it’s really sweet. Skalee, so far, is the only one to have posted. She has some great talent. I’m super jealous.  I also want to see what you got. If I like what I see maybe I will use it for the book someday. Here is the link. Sign up for the forum so you can see it.  The Fan Art Board

 The House of Grey Quiz Two; you all know the Drill. Take the test. See how you do and remember to let me know. 


House of Grey                                                                        Name__________________________

Quiz 2

Episodes 11-18

Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Make sure that you answer ALL parts of the question!

1. Why didn’t Casey make The Legion?


2. In Mr. Gatt’s class, the students look at images projected on the screen through his computer and LCD projector when he began to have computer problems. Mr. Gatt asked Derek to turn off the lights then back on. What happened at the same time that Mr. Gatt claims is due to the “old building?” What do you think actually happened?



3. Who is referred to as “my princess” on Monson’s phone?


4. After class, Monson came across Grayson and Derek, what was going on between the two boys?


5. In episode 12 there is a match between two characters; name the two characters, who initiated the match, and why do you think the match took place?



6. One of the people discussed in question five was trained by someone special; who was the trainer and why was that trainer picked?



7. At some point during episode 12, Monson and Cyann catch each other’s eyes, what does Monson “see” about Cyann?



8. In episode thirteen, Kylee breaks up a fight between a boy and girl. What did that teach us about Kylee?



9. After breaking up the fight, what happened to Kylee?



10. What item of Kylee’s did Casey pick up? Why was it such an important item?



11. Why did Casey punch Monson and why didn’t Monson block the punch?



12. What strange thing did Monson see in the computer screen reflection? Be specific.



13. What happened between Casey and Kylee in the past?



14. What happened to Casey’s parents and who takes care of him now?



15. What does Kylee give to Monson in episode fifteen and why?



16. Monson finds himself in a strange weight room; what is special about it?



17. What does Monson see on the TV screens in the weight room? Be specific.



 18. Monson hears voices while in the weight room, where does he realize the voices come from?


19. Looking at the poem entitled “Converging Fates,” what do you think it is about? What is “The room of death and Gore?”


20. What is “”


21. Who is the host of the “Coren All Access” show?


22. Who is Marcus Grey?


23. The “Artificial Inland Project” or AIP was designed for what?


24. Whose idea was the AIP?


25. In your own words, based on the notes you were given, what took place on Baroty Bridge and who do you think is responsible?





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One Response to “The House of Grey Quiz Two Ms. Hilary Style!!! New Board on the Forum. FAN ART”

  1. SQ says:

    Hey…don’t forget…you can’t use your notes on the quiz!!
    Also, don’t forget to check out the OTHER new board called “Question of the Week.” These are questions based on what we are currently listening in our class. I would love it if everyone threw in their $.02!!! But, don’t forget…NO SPOILERS!!!!
    Thanks bunches!!!

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