Episode 29 delayed on Podiobooks.com

Hey all, I checked my horoscope in the Weekly World News and sure enough, something about Saturn being in the 4th house of Neptune’s orbit as Venus completes her something-or-other. Anyway what that equates to is that I’m having issues getting 29 to load correctly to Podiobooks.com and I’m working hard with Evo to get it up there ASAP. I know some of you previously mentioned jogging with your computer strapped to your back…hopefully it doesn’t come to that. If you need the new stuff, like yesterday, grab the site feed (click the “Get Your Fix” button over there on the right) throw it into iTunes, Zune, Juice, etc. etc. etc.  and 29 will come through.

Everyone burn sage or open a fortune cookie…maybe that will speed things along. We’ll keep you updated.


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