60,000 down…millions to go, Episode 29, PodioRacket.com

That’s right, only after 6 short months we’ve hit over 60,000 downloads of The House of Grey. And it is all thanks to you guys. Everyone raise their right hand way above your head, bend at the elbow, and give yourself a nice pat on the back.  Doesn’t that feel good?

Episode 29 is in the final stages of production, which means you’ll have it hot and fresh this weekend. And with its release comes the final countdown to the end of the book…I know people usually start with T-minus 10, but here we like to shake things up a bit so we’re starting with 11. 

If you read some of the reviews we’ve received on iTunes (super-big-huge thanks to anyone who’s sung our praises over there and a strong *cough* give-us-a-five-star-rating *cough* encouragement for everyone else), there’s a lot of people who mention their frustration with finding good material on Podiobooks.com.  According to them, there are some great books and others which just didn’t do it for them.  Well 2 of our fellow podcast authors started a meta-podcast…a podcast about podcasts, or more specifically, podcast novels on Podiobooks.com. Podioracket.com debuted recently and features blogrolls, promos, and a podcast about up and coming novels, novels that are completing, and other news and info.  It’s a great site and we’ve added their link so you can check them out. Who knows, perhaps they’ll even mention our little book in the future.

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