Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School

How sweet is that tag line? You know you love it. 

Background; as many of you know, my editor, Ms. Hilary, is using The House of Grey in her 11th grade english class down in Las Vegas. You may have noticed them jumping in on the forum here in the last few weeks.  I actually got to meet the kids and they are a great group. Last night, Hilary messaged me and told me the kids took their first quiz (they all passed from what I heard. Congratulate them if you get the chance).  I thought it would be fun to see how the rest of you could do. Take a second and take The House of Grey quiz. I will make a thread and post the results. 


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The House of Grey


Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Some questions require more than one (1) answer, so make sure you read the entire question!!!


1. Where does The House of Grey take place; state and school?





2. What event takes place during the prologue?





3. Who is Monson Grey? What do we know about him? Give at least 4 pieces of information.





4. Who is Arthur “Arthurious” Pain? What do we know about him? Give at least 3 pieces of information.





5. Who is Cashious “Casey” Kay? What do we know about him? Give at least 3 pieces of information.





6. What does “Horum Vir” mean? How is it earned and what comes with the title?





7. What is the motif of the school the boys attend?




8. Who is Mr. Gatt? What kind of role, besides the obvious, do you think he will play in Monson’s life?




9. What is “The Legion?”




10. Who is Brian? Do you think there is more to Brian than the obvious? Explain.



11. What do you think “E Pluribus Unum- One Out of Many,” which is engraved on one of the doors in Monson’s quarters, represents to the storyline? Why could it be an important theme?




12. What was Monson’s dream about? Who was in it?




13. What did Molly give to Monson before she left the school? To whom did the present belong to before it was given to Monson?




14. Explain the importance of Monson’s old journals and how important do you think they are to the plot of the story?




15. Give two (2) examples of Monson’s internal conflicts.




16. What is “The GM” and what is the meaning behind the name?




17. Who is Taris Green? Give at least 3 pieces of information about her.




18. Explain why Mr. Gatt’s class might be important to the story? What kind of class is it?




19. How did the “upperclassmen” treat Monson when they saw him in the gym? What took place within Monson during this situation?




20. What is Baroty Bridge and why is it so important to the story?




21. Who is your favorite character thus far, and why?





***Bonus Question*** Name three (3) of the other characters we have met that have not been mentioned in this quiz. Give at least one (1) piece of information about those characters. (Worth 3 extra credit points)


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3 Responses to “Take the House of Grey Quiz Ms. Hilary Style- The Valley Vikings High School”

  1. helpmenow says:

    Yes, I have totally aced this quiz. I seriously wish my English teacher would use this book. Verry awesome, Chris and Collin. Can’t wait for episode 28, and I just listened to 27!!

    • Collin Earl says:

      That is totally sweet Helpmenow. Send me your results so i can post them. if you have a teacher who would like to use the book that would be sweet. I actually went and did a lecture at the school. Totally fun.

  2. SQ says:

    I never saw that the quiz was posted…hehehe…too funny
    um…copyrights? lol

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