Episode 27: The Three Amigos & Cold as Ice

Monson is forced to deal with the aftermath of his choice to take Taris to the Spring Solstice. Another strange dream sheds light on his search for answers. The next morning, after missing his date with Taris, Monson loses his temper in The Atrium. As Monson finds out that someone may have witnessed the results of his anger in The Atrium, he scrambles to find out what they may know.

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2 Responses to “Episode 27: The Three Amigos & Cold as Ice”

  1. Mr. JuJu says:

    Colin I am truly impressed, you are my friend and I have liked this book from the jump, I started to get a little distracted as I felt the story wasn’t really evolving like it had the potential to do, but after reading 27 I truly see know how gifted of a writer you are. 27 was brillant, the entire chapter had me hanging on every word, every action, trying to guess what would happen next, how each new person would affect Grey. I love the interaction you have with the chracters, how the bond between friends is growing so strong. Monson is actually starting to grow as a person and starting see and beware of things that he wouldnt have in the past. The story was already good and now it has taken a turn towards greatness!

    • Collin Earl says:

      JuJu, it’s been a while big guy. I wondered where you had gone. I’m glad that you are liking the story. The pace really picks up here so get ready. The next chapter is information overload. Crazy fun. Thanks for the love. We appreciate it.

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