Update on 26 and reminder about the Q&A

Episode 26 is in the mix and should drop later today or at the latest, tomorrow first thing.  It is a killer episode with over one and a half hours of content.  For anyone that isn’t caught up, quit slackin’ ! ;) 

Also, I was over in the Forum grinning from ear to ear at some of the outlandish posts in the Spoilers, Theories, and Speculation discussion and noticed that there are only 5 replies  in the End of Book Q&A thread.  I don’t know about you, but I always love listening to these at the end of a podcast novel.  It is such a  great way to see little insights into character development, story lines and progression, and just weird stuff that you never thought of.  Plus most authors put in some ‘audio easter eggs’ if you will about their up and coming works. Perhaps I can use my powers of persuasion to get Collin to chip in some serious previews of Tournament of Blades and House of Grey 2.

So I guess this is my gentle prodding to get over there and posts some preguntas.

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