You got QUESTIONS? We've got ANSWERS! REMINDER: Shameless promotion

Ok so I know that was a lame tag line (shut up I love it!), but it’s true and it’s perfectly within the topic I am about to discuss. So here is the deal, we are going to do an episode at the END of the book that includes an interview of both Chris and I discussing a variety of subjects. It’s your basic “Q&A Exit Interview” that most podiobook authors do. For those of you who don’t know what the hell i’m talking about, the Q&A is pretty straight forward. We are going to discuss some of the commonly asked questions concerning The House Of Grey, we already have a list in the works. The punch line is, if you have a question that you want Chris and I to address in detail go here:

 Sign up for the FORUM and leave a question there. We will add to our list and there’s a good chance it will end up in the interview (We have limited time,  so if you have something you want us to talk about remember to post it, even if it’s already been posted).  For those of you of keeping track, we are also going to be talking about TOURNAMENT OF BLADES and The House of Grey book 2 (expect to hear a sneak preview of it sometime during the interview). 


I’m putting out the call to all those who love The House Of Grey. We are at 40,000+ downloads!!! That is great. Thank you so very much for listening and supporting the book.  I am getting ready to send a QUERY LETTER to a agent at Trident Media.  I would like to up the interest and really push here.   So if you love this story like I do, I ask you to set one person up. I don’t care how you do it. Send them a message on facebook, bring them to the website, download it for them from ITUNES. I don’t care. I would love to see an increase in traffic for the book and website before I bring the numbers to the agent.


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