The House Of Grey goes international…Poll: Where do you hail from?

That’s right all you House of Grey fans.  In an effort to spread the word of this free podcast novel, I am shipping myself to India…ok so in reality my real job is sending me to India but you get the idea.  While I’m there, I promise to indoctrinate the people of Delhi with all things Grey.  Speaking of international stuff, looking through the posts and comments, I know we have a few international listeners.  When ya’ll get a moment, it would be great if you would complete the poll in this post. I’ll leave it up for a bit and then post the results when I get back. 

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “But how will I get my weekly dose of Monson and that sexy beast Casey?”  Not to fear, Collin and I have made arrangements so that the story will continue uninterrupted…whiches translates to I have 2 epsiodes in the hopper that I’ll upload for your listening pleasure.

Well, they’re kicking me out of the President’s Club here in Cleveland…something about no soliciting other patrons…do see what I go through to make this book great? Now I have to go and spend the rest of my layover in the un-comfy seats…seesh!


[poll id=”4”]

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One Response to “The House Of Grey goes international…Poll: Where do you hail from?”

  1. Collin Earl says:

    I’m from america or were you not referring to me? Hey I’m a listener too damnit!!!

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