Publishing The House Of Grey: Traditional or Do it yourself? The New Year (Today is my second daughter first birthday!) Oh and check out this band they are freaking sweet.

I’m throwing up this post to cover a lot of topics. I would love your feed back. I don’t care if you don’t know anything about the topic. If you have something to say we want to hear from you. Lets get to it. 

Seeing as how you are kind enough to come to the blog and listen to the story I thought you might like to get involved in the discussion that Chris and I are having (also many of you have asked about publishing so I though I would answer you all in one post).  We have been racking our brains to come up with the best course of action and it is just not coming to us. Let me give you the 411. 


As you know it is the dream of every author to be able to write a book that has mass appeal  (ok maybe not EVERY author, but most authors).  Being able to live off what you love is the chief goal for any entertainer. It’s no different for me. I would LOVE to able to write professionally focusing on making the best story possible. Well, of course this is easier said then done. How does a book become a best seller? Do you know, because I HAVE NO IDEA.There are plenty of books out there that I think are just awesome–impossibly good. Have you ever heard of David Eddings? He has a couple of series that I just love. Do you see a movie or podcasts devoted to them? Nope, not even close. Then there are the books like TWILIGHT. I have to be completely honest, I NEVER would have thought that her books would be as popular as they are, but lo and behold, I was completely wrong (my wife and mother are crazy about it. Completely out of control; I’m getting off topic).  Anyway, I want to get this book out to all that would like a copy. I’m not saying there are a lot of you, but even if there is ONE, I want you to be able to own of copy of it. So the question is what is the best way to do it? This is what we are considering. 


Traditional format. We find a book agent, try to get them to pick up the book, and then go from there. Maybe we make it, maybe we don’t. Who knows. The really difficult part with this path is that to get on with an agent you have to be published. But to get published you have to have an agent. So how the heck do we break in? I know it doesn’t make any sense to me either. 


Do it yourself or self publish. In this path we would actually publish the book ourselves. Start with a limited number of copies that would be available through our website then make copies of The House Of Grey available as we go and as demand permits. There are some very great pros for this path. I will maintain creative control of the story (You will get the story how I see it, not how an editor sees it). We take the risk in publishing it so we get the profit (I have a guy that would like to invest in 10,000 copies). Here are the down sides. A self published book RARELY becomes (big) popular. There just isn’t enough of distribution network, never mind the demand aspect. Who knows if this book has mass appeal. Traditional agents are less likely to want to work with self-published authors as they feel that the product is inferior to books that go through proper publishing channels. There are many more. So do we keep it small or do we shoot for the stars?  I feel like I’m in between a rock and a hard place. (Honestly I did not believe I would get this far so even if I go no where and never sell a single book, I am very thankful to have shared this experience with you.  Anyway, if you have thoughts I would appreciate you voicing them. Even if you don’t have any experience just let me know what you are thinking. 


Comment on the blog or go over to the “Podcast and Publishing” thread on the forum. Here is a link,

Moving on from my pity party: 

Today is my daughter MAKENNA’s birthday. You should have seen her attack the cake. It was pretty dang funny. 

STRANGE CONDITION is the band we are currently talking with about Tournament of Blades music. There is nothing in stone yet, but their stuff is SWEET. I’m loving it. So go and check it out. I don’t think you will disappointed. I am thinking of “Believe” for the podcast. Tell me what you think.


Asked Chris to Edit and add his thoughts 

Thoughts from Chris: I tend to lean more towards the POD (publishing on demand) route as a start.  From the conversations Collin and I have had with other podcast authors, most of them offer their books through or Lightning Press.  That way there is a relatively extensive distribution system through websites (B&N, Amazon, etc.) put there is very little up front cost since the books are printed as they are requested.  However, I see this as a means to an end.  I think you do all that you can on your own while at the same time pursuing an agent.  The more a writer can bring to a table (fan base, number of downloads, self-publish edition, etc.) the lower risk I think they are to an agent thus the more likely they are to be picked up.  Of course this is all conjecture as I’m in the same boat as Collin in my knowledge of the publishing industry.  I echo his request, any thoughts would be great.

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12 Responses to “Publishing The House Of Grey: Traditional or Do it yourself? The New Year (Today is my second daughter first birthday!) Oh and check out this band they are freaking sweet.”

  1. Julie says:

    I vote for publishing it yourself and maintaining control. Have you talked to P.G. Holyfield? He wrote Murder at Avedon Hill and I listen to that podcast also. He’s published his and you can order it off his website. He might be able to give you some insight. I for one, would definitely buy The House of Grey. And on another topic….talk about a cliffhanger? Cyann? And I have to wait now….you are killing me!

  2. Collin Earl says:

    I have actually talked to P.G HolyField. I did not know that he self published. I will check out what he has to say. It means a lot to me that you want to buy the book. It’s one thing getting people to listen to a free podcast novel. It’s quite another for you to want to buy it. (I will hold you to it:) ) As for the new chapter, all I can say is that you guys are really going to hate me next week!!! (I’m really glad I live out in the middle of nowhere)

  3. tom says:

    have you talked to scott siggler as his novels are published.
    if you get it published traditionaly it gets sent out to a wider audience and can get sent over the world as printed versions of sigglers novels have turned up in my bookstore in england so anything is possible.

  4. Collin Earl says:

    I have not talked to Scott but have seen many of his interviews. I think the ultimate goal is to get the book out to the general population through a traditional publisher. I think what we are struggling with currently is how best to do that. Do we find an agent and try it the traditional way? Or get through a self publishing and hope we get noticed? Its a tough one. Chris likes the idea of print as you go. I’m less convinced because the cost per unit is so high. (around 10.50) At that price he would have to sell it at least 11 dollars (which is the WORST case because we would be make almost no money. Actually we would be losing money with the shipping costs.) IF we do a self publish with a decent volume the prices goes down dramatically, which is a good thing. Yea so i’m torn.

  5. Aly says:

    I think that your book could very easily become (big) popular. But whatever way you publish it you can count on me to use it for birthday gifts, christmas presents, Easter Baskets, Heck it might even be fun to hand it out to the older kids during halloween.

  6. Collin Earl says:

    Thanks Aly, I appreciate the love. ITs a tough one I have to admit. My aunt is a writer. She wrote a book called “My Feet Aren’t Ugly” which is a mentor book for girls. She thinks I should go the traditional route. Finding an agent and hoping for the best, but doing the research. I really don’t know how to go about doing that. I would like to have the House Of Grey in print so at least some of you regulars can get a copy. I just don’t know what the best way to go about doing that.

  7. PublishOrPerish says:

    This is one of those questions that really can only be answered by your own wants and needs.

    If you want to make a living off of THIS book, then you will have to try and go for traditional publishing. But if you just want to write for a living in general I think you will be able to self publish this story to prove you have an audience and then go traditional with later work.

    If you are looking for advice from completely unqualified strangers, here is mine.

    Self-Publish this book. It has a lot of references to outside materials (that make great inside jokes for us) that I think a traditional publisher would want to strip out. This work is also structured with a lot of cliff hangers for a written work. I think many of your listeners, myself included, would like to have a copy of this in print, but I am not sure that it will have as much appeal to people who are encountering it for the first time as a printed work. If you create a work with print audiences more in mind you can podcast it to build buzz.

    Something like lets you publish for those who know about the work with little or no expense, depending on how you arrange things. Once you have a track record of pulling in an audience you will have a better angle on agents and publishers.

  8. Collin Earl says:

    Publish or Perish,

    Hey thanks for the comments. I appreciate the insight. FIRST QUESTION. Do cliffhangers make a book hard to read? I never even considered that?

    I do think that I am going to self publish and then maybe try and find a traditional publisher. I want to get the story out there as much as possible and traditional publisher makes that easier. that is for sure. I can tell you what is not going to happen. I’m not going to let a editor hack my story. The references are half the fun of the writing so if that is what they to take on my book. I say crap on that. (I know i have control issues) On that subject, there shouldn’t be a legal issue with the references as using names don’t violate copy right, but I never thought of the publishing company trying to change the story. Umm…I guess I have somethings to think about.

  9. Dan says:

    Works that are developed to be released chapter by chapter do tend to be structured differently but history shows that they can make good and popular books without a lot of restructuring. Take one of my favorite authors Charles Dickens as an example.

  10. Collin Earl says:

    Thanks for you thoughts Dan they are always appreciate it. I think the Count of Monty Cristo was a chapter by chapter release and that has done pretty well. Its the same with most podiobook authors no? Hopefully I’ll be alright.

  11. Terence says:

    If you want to publish a physical book I think the best way to go is the POD way.
    An editor will change your text if you publish via a traditional publisher. Doing it yourself gives you the possibility to retain the right to edit your own text.

    I would take a typographer for the inside of the book (nothing is more horrible to read than badly set text of a good story). A student or a fan of the book? Unless you yourself have a design background of course.

    Good luck either way.

  12. Collin Earl says:


    That was the impression that I was under as well. Like I said before, I think I am leaning towards a self publish but we’ll just have to see if we can get the money together.

    I haven’t thought of a typographer thanks for the thought. I have a fan helping with the editing, we are doing a sort of try out right now, so we’ll see how that works.

    Thanks for your thoughts I appreciate it.

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