Episode 18- the bootleg copy

Ok, here’s the deal…I’m currently in Chicago freezing my…well let’s just say it’s really cold here. With me here and my rig in Denver, the few minor corrections that we found for 18 haven’t exactly been recorded yet. However, due to some (ah hem) recent comments regarding loosing sleep, nightmares, cliffhangers, getting ones fix, etc. we felt it prudent to give y’all 18 in a semi-polished format. Once I get myself home at the end of the week, the few nicks and scratches will be buffed out and 18 will be squeaky clean. Also for your listening pleasure, we are featuring some promos from fellow podcast novelists over the next few weeks. This week you’ll find Dorthea’s Song by Ron Vitale at the beginning of Episode 18. Check him out at losoil.com or podiobooks.com.

On with the show already…

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