Do you like Chris's Sultry voice? Short Story Contest!!!!

Neither do I, but he’s the best I could find. Just Kidding!!! I love you Chris.

 Anyway, if you like Chris’s voice and you write short stories then this little contest is for you. During the two months where I’m going to be studying for the bar (meaning not writing anything!!!) Chris is going to be reading (podcasting) some short stories. A couple of them are up and coming authors who are working on books currently, some will be from your’s truly and Chris (if he ever gets his done) and some will be from YOU. Yes, you. If you write short stories and would like to have Chris and or myself read your story to the world then send us an email, come to the blog or forum. The only rules are they have to be family friendly and can’t be longer then 18 pages single spaced. Chris and I will judge the winner. The prize will be a free signed copy of the House of Grey (2009 baby!!!), a spot in the short story book that will be loaded to Podiobooks and Itunes and possibly an interview for the blog. So getting writing everyone and show us what you got!!!! Entries are due by February 1st!!!! 


Not long after we start Tournament of Blades!!! Look forward to it!!!

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