Characters Names

Have you ever tried writing a book? If you have you probably know that creating names is probably one of the toughest things to do. You wouldn’t believe how many names I went through with different characters before settling on the ones that I picked. I think as the story goes on and you pick your main characters it becomes easier, but man those first few names are a killer. 


Anyway, VIXEN from the forum asked for a list of the characters and their spellings. So I thought I would put that together for you all. Enjoy. 

Cyann Harrison

Indigo Harrison

Guy Harrison

Cashious “Casey” Kay

Kylie Coremack

Arthur “Arthurious” Pain

Molly Pennmentail”

Monson Grey

Marqus Grey

Markin Gatt


Damion “The Diamond” Peterson

Taris Green

Dean Marcus Dayton

Sally Masters

Miranda Blake

Coach Lewis Hawke

Coach Clark Able

Jason Mauller

Grayson Garret

Christy Wayne

Igance Ikceo

The twins Simon and Peter


I understand this is an imcomplete list and I will add as we go. There are more characters to meet, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it.  

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