Episode 17: GossipGuyBlog.com

Once again, Monson finds himself in the company of Cyann Harrison. Back at his pad, Monson is grilled by Casey and Authurious about his relationship with her. As the boys check GossipGuyBlog.com for an update to the Cyann Harrison exclusive, a disturbing news flash streams across the screen.

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2 Responses to “Episode 17: GossipGuyBlog.com”

  1. Mr. JuJu says:

    You have to love this episode, I always wondered why Ms. Cyann always kinda knew what was going on and was always cool under pressure, except when our guy Grey came around. Now we know. I love how Colin finally opened up Cyann (a little), I like her more now. Once again we think we get a little more info about Grey and then Colin gives us even MORE about Grey to wonder about. Colin I hate you 🙂 Great episode

  2. Collin Earl says:

    You know that I do stuff like that just for you Mr. JuJu, Muhahahah, its good to hear from you.

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