Prologue – for a bit

So I thought it would be fun to throw up the WRITTEN portion of the prologue. So if you wanted to READ the prologue. Here you go.

REMEMBER if you haven’t signed up for the forum, rated the book on podiobooks or itunes MAKE SURE YOU DO. If you have a chance, please COMMENT. We love to hear from you as listeners. If you love the book TELL US. If you hate the book TELL US (Hopefully in a nice way; you wouldn’t want to make me cry. Have you ever seen a grown man cry? its pretty sad.) If you have something you see as inconsistent or a mistake TELL US. We will do our best to improve this story.  Oh and remember to tell your friends. Ok i’m done. Here is the PROLOGUE in the written form.

I’m not going to keep this post up for very long. So enjoy it will you can!!!!


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