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This post is in response to this comment by ALY. Thanks Aly.

“This is amazing are you going to publish this?
Really you should. Finish the book, send it to a publisher and I am sure they would LOVE it! P.S. what does one do if they want to help but cant send money???”

I wrote this FORUM topic in response to Aly’s question. Come on over and talk about with me.

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I have been receiving quite a few questions about the publishing of the House Of Grey. So I thought I would create a new thread to give some general information about podcasting, publishing and the House Of Grey. (You’re excited don’t even pretend your not) First thing to remember; Podcasting is a process. It has the ability to make someone really popular, huge in fact. All that however, takes time putting content out there so that others and can hear your stuff. This isn’t about a single book or series, but about you (or me in this case) as author. The fans of the House of Grey have to have faith in Collin Earl as a story teller before a company is going to invest in him. Why might you ask? Well, thats the easy part. You will already have the story. That means you have to like this story enough to want to buy it after already listening to it once. There are those that have been successful at it. Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, J.C. Hutchins. There are many more. But again this all took time. The process for a podcast noveler (yes, i’m well aware that is not a word) usually takes around three to five years. I, like so many other podcasters hope to finish the process faster, but you never know with an industry like this one. There are so many talented people out and so many great books its hard to know what will be popular. Thats where you guys come in.So how can you help? Well you can always donate to the cause. Chris and I want to expand the “extended, very high quality version of the podcast that we are going to sell in CD format from the website. I have a couple chapters that I’m planning on keeping out for length issues. We are planning to record those chapters and add them to the story.  We are also working on a PDF format of the book that will hopefully be out sometime next year. Both of these ideas will need some capital ( a duplicator will be needed as will some cash flow for a professional mechanics editor).   If you can’t donate money, thats ok. People are hard up; we understand that. For you to wanting to be a part of the “movement” is enough (at least for now) Smiley

Remember also, just by being here on the forum and the website you are helping. The more people that know about the story, are willing to download it, and make it to the end, the better. Chris and I have to convince a publishing company that this book is worth putting into print. We can’t do that alone. You help by,  telling a friend or family member about the story and podcast novels. If you can do that, you are helping. That is how books and series become big. It’s people like you, yes I am referring to you in a general sense, but I’m talking to you who is reading this right now. It is people like you that make projects like this possible. This is how J.K Rowling became popular. A friend told a friend and it just snowballed. Lastly, you would really be helping when the book finally does get picked up by buying it.

For me being able to do something I love and make a living at it would be great. I love to write. I love the world of fantasy and I love the fact that I can tell a story that you want listen to. I would love to see one day a podcast dedicated to my story where people analyze the workings of the characters and the intent of the author. Let me say now, whatever you give in helping me realize my dream, thank you. Thank you for talking a chance on an unknown author and getting into a imperfect story. You don’t know how much that means to me.

Now that THAT is done. Lets talk a bit about podcasting in general. I will leave that one to Chris.

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2 Responses to “Pop over to the FORUM for information on how you can help, info on podcasting, and publishing!”

  1. Alicelie Lala Bubbleberry says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am as of yesterday in the process of telling my friends about your amazing book. Plus the fact that it’s an audiobook means that they can’t complain about having to actually look at words. And when you get published I’m sure that they won’t complain because they’ll be to interested to care.

    ps. My friends really do like to read I’m just teasing them.

  2. Collin Earl says:

    Thanks Alicelie, I hope to see you and your friends on the forum soon. The audiobook really makes it pretty easy, especially if you have a iPod and any kind of driving to do. Of course, when we get it published…..well we just need to get it published. AHHH!!! I know crazy right. Ok I’m done.

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